Make Your Own Smartphone Ringtone

We will teach you how to make your own ringtone in your iPhone.


First of all you need to have GarageBand. Then click audio recorder, and then click settings on the upper right. Then turn off the countin. Then go to the icon on the upper left. Then click the tiny plus sign on the upper right. Then change the number to 30.

Then click the loop icon. Then click songs. Then just choose whatever song you want. Then click and drag. Then you can preview the song by clicking on the play button. Then just drag the starting point where you want it. If you’re done click the arrow on the upper left.

Then click on my song. Then click select, then click the one that you just created. Then click the download icon. Then choose ringtone, then click continue, then change the name to whatever you want. Then click export. And there you have it, your own ringtone.

Then go to settings, and then go to sounds, then click ring tone, then choose the one you just created.

A ringtone of your favorite song is just what you need to perk up your life. Whether it’s a call from your best friend or your crush, when you assign a particular tune to someone, it’ll always brighten up your day.