iOS Wallpaper Tutorial

This is a tutorial for Photoshop on how to make an iPhone wallpaper.


You’ve got to have a resolution of 750 x 1334. You can change your resolution to a higher value too, like 300. Put a name for your file and you’re on your way to a great wallpaper.

Here’s an idea for a wallpaper: a nice city background. Like a wallpaper of New York. Go to google images and then choose a photo, then drag it onto your Photoshop screen.

Adjust it to fill the screen. Make sure not to mess up the pixels.

Then go to filter then Gaussian blur. Then put a little text on to it. A white text would be perfect.

You can put your name or a motivational word like “breathe” or “moving on.” Choose a fancy, posh text. That would look beautiful on your cityscape background.

Then go to edit, transform, then warp. Or no warp at all. However, you want to make it look different. But not too complicated. Simplicity is always great.

You can put two white rectangles and between it is a motivational quote. Now that would be a killer wallpaper.

And there you have it, a fancy new wallpaper!