Android Wallpaper Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to make your own live wallpaper in Android.


1st Step

Download Gifinator from the Playstore. Then tap the camera button to take a series of Photos. It could be a photo of you smiling, then sad, then a jumpshot. Or it could be a photoset of you eating. Or a photoset of your family pictures. After taking the photos, the app will then play the set of pictures for you, as a gif does. Create the gif, then click the check button to save

2nd Step

Download AnimGif LWP 2. Select the gif you want from AnimGIF LWP 2. Then set it as wallpaper. Then there you have it. A live wallpaper. Isn’t it amazing?

A live wallpaper is really a creative way to express yourself through a set of moving pictures in your phone.

You don’t see a lot of live wallpapers on other’s phones, simply because they don’t know how to make it. Set yourself apart by making your live wallpaper. It’s really fun to watch. Especially if it’s a set of photos of yourself. You can see yourself moving in your phone. It’s quite an entertaining watch.