5 Steps To Take When You Lose Your Phone

In today’s times, a cellphone is more than just a communicating device. It is also where you save all your passwords, do online banking, check social networking, check your personal emails, where you put your private photos, and just store files that aren’t for everyone.

Every day people are losing their smartphones, and losing more than just a phone. They lose their security and privacy too. That’s why it’s absolutely essential to know the steps to take when you lose your smartphone. Here are 5 things you can do when you lose your phone.


1. Contact your phone company

The first step you can do is contact your phone company to report your lost phone, whether it’s lost or stolen, so they can shut down your account.

2. Change your log-in details

The next thing you must do is change all the passwords and log-in details of your email accounts and other online services, like mobile banking, and social media accounts.

3. Deny access done by your device

Of course the device will be with another person, therefore he or she can access your apps and services by logging in your Facebook, status on web master console or Twitter. You have to change your privacy settings, or better yet, change your Facebook account.


4. Locate your phone via find my iPhone

You can always trust on this app. Except when your smartphone doesn’t have internet at the moment. However, if your smartphone does get internet access, you can trust that this app can locate your phone anywhere in the world

5. Consider insurance next time. This is to help you get insured with your phone and get’s back up. Make sure you are updated online. Because social marketing is a great advantage for business today. This is the top tool for making popularity in the online world.