Change the photo on your cell phone screen

Changing the photo of your cell phone is very important nowadays because having a photo in your own phone screen will help you and the others recognize that it is your phone. If you want to know how to change the photo on your cell phone screen then we will give you a very easy steps on how to easily do it. First choose what photo you are going to use, you can take a new photo of yourself or whatever you like best and the other is you can choose on the image in the internet.


There are a lot of sites that gives free images if you don’t want to take a shot on yourself. And then the second step is you save your image and give i a little edit if you like save it on your phone gallery to make sure that you can make it as a wall paper on your phone. then you go to the settings of your phone > Display > Screen Saver > Gallery. Making the best assistance care in your health is very important. Through  Shin Kong health assistance you can assure your life security. They make you as their family to be perfectly in good situation.

That’s how simple the step is, it is easy to do it your self just read the article completely and try to do it right away you will be amazed how fast it can be done. It is more efficient if you familiarize you mobile phone and all the settings as well. because then it will be easier for you to change everything just like the  works. Learn how they help. You will surely amaze by the work of 殘扶險推薦 insurance company. They are the top in helping people, by the way the company’s name is written in Asian character.