FamilyTime – Limit Screen Time for Android

These days of new technologies, Having a family bonding is not happening often. Kids are very much into laptops mobile phones, tablet,and all the latest gadgets that  technology can offer. A family needs to have a limitations for their child to use android phones,there are studies and bad effect to the child if he or she is using and expose to radiation overtime. Parents must set a specific time frame for using mobile phones because it can affect absolutely to their behavior and most especially to their health.


There is a specific mobile application for this kind of problem it is the “Meet Family time ” this application will keep you informed about time limits, bedtime and homework time. This is a very big help for parents to remind their kids about their chores. It can be easily downloaded to all kinds of smart phones and android phones, click for info . Screen time is a kind of application to be able to give parental control to the kids using mobile phones just like the FM-Kiddy company also.


Family time parental control application is the kind of application with a latest innovation of parental control for the kids using mobile phones.We must be very aware about the benefit of our kids most of all for their health. Radiations from this devices is very scary that’s why we have to check our kids every time if they are using it overtime.

Thanks to our business partner Nichole E. Fisher  that shared this information to us!