Do cell phones really need a screen saver?

Do cellphones really need a screen saver ? It is our own freewill if we put a screen saver to our mobile phones, but in majority almost all the users of cellphones have made a screen saver to have a good appearance on your cellphones screen. It is a choice that most of the users are making because it is the new trendy. Screen saver is very easy to have just go to your settings and there you will see your choices and guidelines on how to make it.


These days of modern technology cellphones that are made with an LCD screen doesn’t need to have a screen saver but before it is needed to protect the CRT monitors. It is not necessary as of today because cellphones are made of LCD displays Jasmine stylish dress. Screen saver is very easy to make in fact you will find a built in Screen saver from your smartphones and android phones.


But often times we are using our own picture to be a screen saver, then you will recognize of who is the owner of the cellphone for in case you misplace your mobile phones because of your super busy schedule. Though it doesn’t give a necessary protection still we put a screen saver to our mobile phone because it is more like a thing that can be seen on your mobile phones that you can afford using your card

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